cover image of 3D rendered pastries

3D rendering pastries

I don't have a sweet tooth but I do enjoy the craftsmanship and visual appealing of sweets, while I spend hours and sometimes days without moving from my computer I like to took a break by making my own sweets fantasies, while this started as a project to practice my 3D rendering skills, It quickly grow into a buffet of creativity and imagination, I call it "For Tha Love of Sweets".

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Unusual Family Tree

At middle school the teacher had to tell me to stop calling my peers cousins, while growing up every kid or adult I meet was most likely to be my cousin so I thought the word "cousin" was just an expresion. This happens when you have over 80+ cousins, only from your mom side. As years progress the number of my cousins increase and none from my family could tell how many cousins we really had, thats when I decided to design a family tree that would work for our big family.

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