cover image of 3D rendered pastries

Galaxia Pardo

At middle school the teacher had to tell me to stop calling kids cousins,I grew up calling everyone cousin, this happens when you have over 80+ cousins from your mom side only. as years progress the number increase and none from my family could tell how many cousins we really had, thats when i decided to design a family tree that would work for our big family.

64 First-generation cousins
81 Second-generation cousins
4 Third-generation cousins
-Total: 149 cousins

photos of the hard copy publication

Constellations and Stars

The idea to represent each aunt and uncle as its unique contellation was to visualiza how many offsprings they have and to memorize the data through a visual representation, the whole project is named "Galaxia Pardo" which is the last name of my mom's family and as constellations below to galaxies so do this constellations belong to a family.

screenshots of 7 of the constellations shown in the publication

Felipe Sarmiento, from my desk at home.