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Future Forum - Identity / Trophy / KV

The following article explains the work done for the Future Forum event in China. The first part explains the identity concept and with in detail annotations. The second part describes the motion graphic component with storyboards and concept.The Third part presents trophy concepts based on the new identity concept. Lastly, we have the Key Visuals and marketing collateral developed for the event.

The triangle is a symbol that represents physics, math, and engineering. This shape is wildly used by such practices, physics uses the triangle for a lot of its equations, math uses triangles to find unknown values and angles, and engineering uses triangles shapes in multiple applications.

Identity Concept

The logo identity is composed by 3 regular triangles pointing up, the idea of the triangles pointing up is that represents and arrow moving forward, these triangles we call them our traversing triangles, the reason we have 3 triangles is because each triangle represents a different meaning of traversing for our organization:
1. The First meaning is to look over, examine, consider, review, etc. Future Forum is about ideas for the future and advancement and that’s how things start, by considering an option, reviewing a problem examining a system already in place to look over a need that society needs.

2. Second meaning is to go across something, the act of moving. Innovations are possible by the constant moving and evolution of ideas, the non-stopping revisions and divergence of ideas. A futuristic idea is never finished or done.

3. A place were we cross, using an analogue a traversing triangle can be a boat in a river. Is a means of transportation that will help your idea get from one place to another, it will help you nurture your idea, it will help you deliver the idea to the world. Is a way to reach more audiences

image of pages from the brand identity manual

The traversing arrows are placed within each other to create a sense of moving through space because regular triangles have all equal sides we have equality in all of our fields of study. The 2 main symbols of our logo represent the fields of study
Triangle: the triangle is a symbol that represents physics, math and engineering. This shape is wildly use by such practices, physics uses the triangle for a lot of its equations, math uses triangles to find unknown values and angles, and engineering uses triangles in multiple applications.
Atom icon: the atom icon represents biology, chemistry and astronomy. The atom is one of the smallest things an organism could have from planets, animals, liquids and gasses. That is why we have the atom as our center of our logo.

Motion Graphics

The logo identity was followed by a motion graphic storyboard that will help deliver the identity concept.

story board for motion graphic

The motion graphic will start with a triangle that will increase and decrease in size, then mathematical equations will appear to represent math and physics, the triangles will clear and set up for the next animation which would feature gears spinning to represent engineering and mechanics, the triangles will appear again to set up the canvas for the next animation, biology cells or technology chips will also be part of an animation with a concluding triangle making up the logo with logotype.

Trophy Concept

The first concept was a vertical solution where it could be held with one hand and represent the forward moving triangle coming towards the viewer.the second concept was a trophy with the purpose of hanging on a wall and provided more prestige, it also borrows the concept of the triangle moving forwards as identity.the third and last concept was a horizontal trophy that was made especially for the ceremony photographs, it shows the triangle upside down to create tension and movement.

Trophy design sketches

Key Visual for Event

The use of purple and blue was debated within the organizers, purple was agreed that convey the idea of future and forward while innovation was also slightly linked with the color. We used the triangle to push our concept of future and innovation by creating a "portal" where we see the future, Future Forum is the portal in space where we are able to see the future because its speakers are thinking already in the future. we developed the slogan of "Prophesy & Prediction, Humanity taking Hold of the Future" this connected well with our event identity and key visuals. Marketing Collateral was also developed to be distributed at the time of the event, and also to brand the event itself.

Key Visual for event
"PROPHESY & PREDICTION, Humanity taking Hold of the Future."
Trophy design sketches

Felipe Sarmiento, Pico Beijing, China.