Forward with intelligence and passion slogan

Soueast/Mitsubishi, Beijing Auto Show

In March 2016 Felipe worked as a graphic designer for Soueast/Mitsubishi at the Beijing auto show 2016. The task was to create all visual identity and marketing collateral for the event. The event was divided into 2 sections, the first section was the press release of their concept car "DX" designed by Pininfarina, an Italian design, and engineering company, famous collaborations include Alfa Romeo, Maserati and Ferrari. For the press release we provided 2 main entertainment shows. The second section was open to the public where there were performance and multi games where we could give away some of our customer sweepstakes that we branded for the show.

The Beijing Auto Show 2016 is also known as Auto China and the most important Chinese Motor Show of 2016.

Key Visual

The key visual was developed with the slogan "Forward with Intelligence and Passion" since both of our brands have a predominat color red and passion is usually associated with red with desided to user red as our main color, we used the lines and curves to represent the flexiblity of road and the forward motion that a driving experience would create by a Soueast / Mitsubishi driver.

Key Visual of the event, 5 cars coming towards the viewer

The design of the booth was also taken into consideration to match the Key Visuals of the event and highlight the design concepts

Photograph of the event with the Key Visual at the background

Operation Manual

The magnitude of this event required an operation manual, with all the event information, surroundings, operation times around us, contact information from everyone involved, quantity of give aways and predetermine time when to give them away and how many, schedule of performances and staff information, name and photo of important people and directional signage.

Photographs of the operation manual front, back and an inside page


We developed custom made catalogs that could also be used as posters by the attendee, we used existing graphics provided by Mitsubishi and Soueast, we created a layout that could be read in 3 different ways with a full spread to worked as a poster.

photograph of the catalogue closed and open

Custom Nail Design

We were asked to come up with 2 different designs for nails to be used by the attendee, our customer wanted to target a female audience and they believed providing a nail salon with custom made designs could create excitement within the female population.

Description of nail design for Mitsubishi & Soueast

Marketing Collateral

Lastly we were asked to brand marketing collateral, giveaways,and event materials, event materials were staff badges, t-shirt for maintenance crew and metallic pins for sales people; marketing collateral included envelopes, invitations to the event, literature, and manuals; lastly give aways included, an inflatable neck pillow, the popular teddybear, a pouch with tools like pocket knife and electric fan and coloring cards for kids.

Photograph of marketing collateral objects like teddybear, neck pillows, badgeds and pocket knife

Set of coloring cards to be distributed as a gift or prizes with the aim at kids and excited adults.

Photograph of marketing collateral objects like teddybear, neck pillows, badgeds and pocket knife

Felipe Sarmiento, Pico Beijing, China.